Those that are dead are the lucky ones. Most of the Earth’s population has been wiped out. Those that were spared are doomed to go on living in an empty world full of memories and ghosts. Mark is one of those few, surviving in the forest on the edge of his hometown in crippling isolation. His existence is purposeless. He scavenges for what he can whilst doing everything to avoid the Hunters, deadly creatures that stalk through the ruins in search of prey. Then one day, Mark finds something on one of his journeys. Something he never imagined he could find. A child – completely helpless and destined to be the world’s next victim. Mark knows what he must do. He takes the child and raises him as his own. But in a world fraught with danger and with no hope of a future, he soon finds himself tortured by his decision. And it won’t be long before they face a new threat – one far more dangerous than Hunters – that will push that decision to its breaking point.